Schools in the benefice

We enjoy good links with the two primary schools in our benefice: Deerhurst & Apperley Church of England Primary School, and Tredington Community Primary School.

At Deerhurst & Apperley Primary School, the priest-in-charge and her colleagues provide collective worship on a weekly basis as well as special celebrations for Easter, Harvest, Christmas, and other occasions. These celebrations and services can be in church or in school or outdoors. For example, on Ash Wednesday 2022 the children and parents were offered the opportunity to use ash to draw the sign of the cross on a piece of paper to signify their commitment to Lent, and Easter was celebrated with the whole school and parents outside on the field. 

Collective worship uses Bible stories and events that illustrate and help the children reflect on the value for that term. 

There is also an Open The Book team which tells and acts out a BIble story every week. 

Here is a link to the school's website: Deerhurst and Apperley C of E Primary School – Apperley, Gloucester, GL19 4DQ – 01452 780374 –

The school's motto is 'Learning and living as children of God' (Ephesians 5:1). The recent OFSTED inspection rating was 'outstanding' and the recent SIAMS inspection rating was 'excellent.' Congratulations to the school for this wonderful news!

At Tredington Community Primary School, one of the Readers and sometimes a member of the clergy leads assembly about twice a month. At this assembly, the pupils hear and reflect on a Bible story. Tredington Primary School - Home


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