Gloucester Cathedral

As the Mother Church of Gloucester Diocese, the cathedral greatly values its relationship with its parishes and deaneries and we value our relationship with the cathedral.  Part of the cathedral’s commitment is to pray each and every day through the Diocesan Prayer Calendar.

We are also invited to:

  • worship at the cathedral, especially on the day they pray for us;
  • present the offertory at the Sunday eucharist service;
  • use the cathedral for our own needs, for example, bringing a confirmation group or Sunday club or church group on a pilgrimage around the cathedral;
  • invite the cathedral to join our service, for example, we could invite the Cathedral Choir to a parish church to sing evensong or give a recital;
  • become involved in the life of the cathedral as a volunteer.

The cathedral has recently completed Project Pilgrim.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve and restore particular areas of the cathedral, which will help the building fulfil its role as a place of dynamic spiritual, civic and heritage activity at the centre of Gloucester.

Mainly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Project Pilgrim is an ambitious ten-year programme of capital development, regeneration and community engagement.  It’s about involving people to bring the cathedral’s history and religious purpose to life so everyone benefits.  Project Pilgrim will provide opportunities for all people, whatever their age, background or faith, to learn about, respond to and interact with Gloucester Cathedral.

Project Pilgrim, through its vision to connect and engage with people and to restore parts of this ancient and iconic building, will ensure that Gloucester Cathedral remains at the very heart of the city and of the Cotswolds.


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