If you live in one of our parishes and have not been married before, you can be married in your parish church.  We would love to help you make this the most special day of your lives. Please contact us for more details, Benefice Administrator:, or telephone 01452 780880.

If you have been married before you may still be able to be married in church, but there are a number of guidelines that need to be followed.

If you don't live in one of our parishes, you may still be able to be married there if, for example, you used to live here and have moved away, your parents live here, or you or your parents/grandparents were baptised here.  There are guidelines established, so contact us and make an appointment to talk it through.  Once the wedding is booked, and you have had your initial meeting with the priest, he/she will then meet up with you nearer to the wedding date to discuss hymns, readings, vows, fees and everything else connected with the big day.  We will also talk about marriage preparation.  Marriage preparation is essential, a reminder that your marriage is not just about one day, but the rest of your lives.