Who's who?

There are a great many people that work within the churches to make them the active organisations that they are.  Below you will find just a few of the key people who play an active role in the church.  These people guide us spiritually and help ensure we have a caring, pleasant and positive environment in which to worship God.


Priest in Charge: Revd Ilse Ferwerda: 01452 780880; apperleypriest@gmail.com



The churchwardens share responsibility for the administration of the parishes and care of the church buildings with the Vicar

The churchwardens are:

Apperley and Deerhurst: Roger Taylor and Danny Vince

Chaceley: Nigel Horner

Forthampton: Phillipa Holloway and Lynda Remmer

Tredington and Stoke Orchard: Tessa Mills

They possess a wealth of knowledge between them, so if you have a question, idea or concern, then they are always a good place to start if the Vicar is not to hand!


Associate Priest

Revd Kay Mundy


Priests with the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate:

Revd Tom Curtis, Revd Charles Whitney, Revd Jenny d'Esterre.


Licensed Lay Readers

A Reader is a lay person, and a communicant member of the church, licensed by the Bishop to assist the Vicar by preaching, teaching, leading worship and helping with pastoral and other work.  They may not preside over the Eucharist, nor lead weddings or baptisms.

Mary-Ann Preece, Vivienne Troughton


Local Ministry Group

Angela Cole, Kay Mundy, Corinna Pippard, Mary-Ann Preece, Roger Taylor.

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